Roku is a streaming device, lets you watch thousands of paid & free video content on your TV screen via the Internet. Don't think Roku as a DVD player, it doesn't' need a disc. Roku is a popular and pliable device, compatible with several platforms. It streams video content from the internet and lets you enjoy a range of entertainment including movies, series, news and a range of other genres. To enjoy the roku services, create a Roku account and thereafter go to to enter the activation code that is received.

How to Create Roku Link Account?

To activate roku device, firstly you need to create a roku account by visiting Click on sign up & enter the email address, username, password etc. Once you sign up for Roku account, you can start adding channels, and stream channels on Roku device.

Steps to set up Roku device and activate using Roku com link:

• To activate roku account after creating roku account, Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the Roku device and the other end to the HDMI port on your TV.

• If you have an older version, you can use the composite video cable. Match the color and connect the cord to your Roku device and to the TV.

• Insert the power cord one end to the device and the power adapter to the wall mount power supply.

• Insert batteries into your Roku remote.

• If you are opting for wired connectivity, connect the Ethernet cable one end to the Modem and the other end to the Roku device.

• Power on your Roku device.

How to Get Roku Link Code from TV?

You need to provide the roku link code in the required space and go forward with the onscreen instructions to activate your device. Activate the device and navigate to the store to add your favorite channels to the account.

Steps to get roku link code from TV?

To get roku activation code, you need to start connecting all the cables that include the power and the HDMI cable.

Make sure that you insert the cables properly in the required slot and if your device is old, you can try using the composite audio video cables.

The roku logo will be appeared on the screen. So you can connect device with internet. Sign in to the Roku account with the help of the credentials at The Roku link code will be visible on the player connected TV and you can just note it down. Where you will be asked to enter the roku activation code. Type the roku code link & follow the onscreen guide to link roku device with roku account.

How to Activate Netflix on

Netflix is considered as the No.1 channel on the Roku. Activate Netflix on Roku to get shows specifically curated and suggested for its dedicated viewers.

Activate Netflix on Roku

Roku users find the channel on the main screen under the MOVIES & TV category in the channel store.

All options and guidelines to add it will be displayed the moment you click on the channel. The only difference between Roku 1 and the other devices is that sometimes, the channel is not visualized on the Home Screen for the player. The rest of the activation commands remain the same.

Go to to enter the roku activation code reflected on the screen. Benefits & Features

Roku streaming player has many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

Roku Voice Search Feature:

Voice search is available on all Roku players through the Roku mobile app and is also available on the remote control of the Roku Streaming Stick+. You can use roku voice search for searching for actors, directors movies and TV shows across popular channels.

Roku Private listening:

This feature allows you to turn up the volume as loud as you want, while keeping things quiet for everyone around you. Private listening is available via the Roku mobile app for iOS and android.

Take your Roku streaming player with you on a trip:

It's easy to take your Roku player on the road. Connecting to a public network like one found in a hotel often requires signing-in through a web browser, and Hotel & Dorm Connect helps you do that easily.

Create a screensaver for your TV:

This feature, open the Roku mobile app for iOS or Android, tap Photos+ > Screensaver. Select up to 25 images, set the style, and the speed, click Set Screensaver.